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can u send me the COMPLETE listing of steps one needs to follow to do a hot backup? I mean, the document should take care of all steps from start to finish.
Can u please send it for me? Thanks so much!!
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Hot backup is only able be done in Archive mode. Below is main step(No Detail). you get the document from Oracle Manual.

1. Change Database to Archive mode first.
- Logon as SVRMGRL
SVRMGR archive log list; -- check the database mode in your production database.
SVRMGRL select * from v$database; -- check from dictionary table.

- Change to Archive mode
** shutdown the database first.
SVRMGR shutdown normal; -- must use shutdown normal.

** startup database until mount.
SVRMGRL startup mount; -- the database is not open yet.

** Alter database to archive mode
SVRMGRL alter database archivelog; -- change database to archive mode.

** check the current mode.
SVRMGR archive log list; -- the archive log mode is shown.

** setting on parameter file (initSID.ora) onthe parameter.
log_archive_start = true -- allow start automatic after instance is up
log_archive_format = _%s.arc -- format of archive file.
log_archive_dest = /u4/BSCS/redo -- destination of archive directory.

2. Full backup of Archive mode database.
- Shutdown the database.
SVRMGR shutdown normal; -- use normal mode only.

- backup the whole datafile, control file, parameter file, and so on.

- startup your database again.
SVRMGR startup;

- check again
SVRMGRL archive log list; -- show the database is in archive mode.

- these log_archive_start,log_archive_format and log_archive_dest in v$parameter. makesure it is reflected as setting on parameter file.

3. Recovery and Hot Backup(Online). After you database is in archive mode then you are able to do the online backup (hotbackup) and time point recovery.

- recovery - three level recovery on database, datafile and tablespace with alter database recover.

- hot backup(online)

datafile -
a. SVRMGR archive log list; -- log sequence number and remember
b. SVRMGR alter tablespace name start backup;
c. start to back database file on OS level.
d. SVRMGR alter tablespace name end backup;
e. SVRMGRL alter database switch logfile; -- to force the archive lof file.

control file.
a. binary copy of conrol file.
SVRMGR alter datababe backup controlfile to destination;

b. text copy.
SVRMGR alter database backup controlfle to trace; -- the control file is back into user_dump_dest.

Note :
- The Recovery is based on scenario of database problem ... collapse of datafile, system file,control file.
- Be careful when use noresetlogs and resetlogs in alter database open after in recovery database. because resetlogs will reset the log sequence to 1 and you need to rebackup whole database again.
- you must test your method of recover with backup file to make sure this is working fine.

Hope this will help you. thanks
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